Museums, gallerys and yummy food

42. Go to art galleries/museums every month (4/33)
17.10.08 - The royal academy with work mates for an exhibition including the works of Miro, Calder, Giacometty, Braque etc.

I must say that this exhibition was not what I was expecting - I'm not even sure what I was expecting BUT I still enjoyed going. My favorite discovery of the exhibition was the artist Giacometti. His sculptures were amazing and none of the pictures can do it true justice! The scale is too hard to convey. This was one of my favs
I feel that this conveys the the "emotion" of the dog. It isnt life like and realistic but it feel like it it. Well this is why it is part of the impressionists.

All in all it was a good exhibition with great pieces on display and just the right amount, not to much to get through and not to little that you feel cheated.

23.10.08 - The Hadrian exhibition at the british museum

I'm so glad that we made the effort to see this exhibition before it closed on the 26th Oct. After a serious rush we just made it to get into the exhibition (you have to book to enter the exhibition at a certain time). Evne though it was SERIOUSLY crowded and very hard to move around and you had to queue to get to the front of displays to see them I still really enjoyed what there was to see. There was one lady that I had to keep running away from since her loud chewing gum popping and pushy attitude was doing my head it.

I've also decided that I HATE the people that get the audio tour things. They are the rudest of people. They push in front to see what number to listen to and then just stand there listening to the seemingly endless thing. They are bascially too busy listening to what it is saying to even look at the display properly. And the people like me that just want to take in how it looks have to do so by trying to peer passed these people that are like stone in the front and staring into middle space!

ok rant is overs.

The exhibition was all about the life of Hadrian and surprisingly they only had a very small part of it on Hadrians wall. It was fasinating and I found many little pieces of information and beautiful things to satisfy.
After the exhibition and after I dragged C away from the book shop we had a look around at the Statuephilia exhibition which was a piece of sculpture from 5 Bristish artists - click here for more info. They were place at different places around the museum and we managed to find 3 of them. Well one is right at the entrance foyer. I love the Damian Hirst Skulls and would love them in my own house (not that i'll be able to afford it after what he commanded at the last auction of his art.) But the most AMAZING piece is the Ron Mueck head - He does the most amazing work. He does large scale people but they are unbeleivably life like. He implant each individual hair with a needle!!!

11. dine at fifteen restaurants never visited (3/15)
23.10.08 - Souk Resturant, Covent Garden
After all the walking around and cultural stuff we headed off for dinner at a resturant called Souk in Covent Garden. C picked this place since we so want to travel to Morroco ASAP and thought we would take our taste buds there first.
It was a great night. We got to chill in a corner low level table and watch everyone else (and some sad belly dancing later one) I did love the picky food mezze platter to start and it went down so well since I was starving. Since this food is SO foreign to me I had to get some help with the main dish choice. I did enjoy it - but wont say it was my favorite. And of course desert which was ice cream (no creme caramel sadly) Of course we got to use the great taste london card which is serving us well with 50% off all food :)
So another new resturant down and we shall see what next month brings. All in all a good week outside of the work life.

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