#47 - Knitting

It was a lazy sunday afternoon with nothing to do (or not wanting to do anything) so I went on an exploration of what more ebay has to offer me...and what did i find? Lots and lots of wool !! and knitting stuff. How exciting I think. I just place a bid, win it and then it arrives at my door. No missioning off to the wool shop all the way down in waterloo (even though i do want to head there soon as well)

So I put in some bids and a few hour later I was paying for 2 sets of wool orders. I got them for the most amzing prices. Gotta love ebay. The one set was only £0.99!!! And a few days later they arrived.

I've now started on the one set and am knitting a lovely VERY fluffy scarf for the winter that has def arrived.

So here are some pics of my buys:

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