#33 - The Contraceptive Implant

SO it is done ! 2 hours ago I had a big hollow needle stabbed into me and an implant stick put into my arm. Lol - it wasnt really that horrendous. It was def more painful when i had my belly button pierced but i did have the same reaction afterwards. I felt incredible weak and nauseous and my vision was starting to black out. But I over came it was a glass of water and some coke when i got home.

I'm happy to so that there was no fighting with this doctor - she was lovely and made it all very easy. Which is a good thing since i've been sick all week and me being menstral she would have had a slightly crazy chick attacking her.

So the extremely happy side to all this....I am 100% sure that i'll not fall preggers for 3 years - WHOOO HOOO!


Kitty Cat said...

This contraceptive implant is new to me...not the coil thing is it? It sounds like it goes in your arm, is that right?

MidniteGem said...

Yeah I had never heard of it as well until i read about how the uk government is trying to get more teenagers on it as it is so effective a method of birth control.
It is called Implanon... here is the Wikipedia link

There is alot of various opinions about it - but I had to give it a try as it would be the perfect solution to me as long as i dont get any of the side effects. I feel so happy about not having to take a pill every single day !!! And I love that I def not going to be getting pregnant for 3 years!

But I do know that it isnt available in SA yet.