Fun/Cultural Plans

Well suddenly there seems to be quite a few plans afoot for the fun/cultural things in my life.

What is happening:

37. Go to at least 15 concerts/live music (1/15)
04.10.08 - Went to the Disturbed concert at the brixton Academy - must get pictures!!

42. Go to art galleries/museums every month (2/33)
17.10.08 - going to the royal academy with work mates for exbibition

24.10.08 - booked tickets for the Hadrian exhibition at the british museum

43. Go to the theater 8 times(min) (1/8)
15.10.08 - Going to play called Cradle me that is produced by a work college. Should be interesting.

44. Go ice skating each winter at a classic location in London (0/2)
Have booked this for Somerset House on the 29.11.08 - YAY

Wow - that all came together all of a sudden!

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